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LMNTRIX Subscription Levels

LMNTRIX Adaptive Threat Response provides three subscription levels so you can appropriately supplement your team’s skills and risk tolerance.

Adaptive Threat Response Subscription Levels

Subscription Element Continuous Detection Continuous Response Continuous Hunting
LMNTRIX Intelligence
LMNTRIX Respond  
LMNTRIX Hunt    
LMNTRIX Recon    
LMNTRIX ThinkGrid Option Option Option

Continuous Detection

Continuous Detection uses a combination of advanced multi-threat network detection sensors, combined with deceptions everywhere and threat intelligence correlation to constantly monitor your network and inform you when alerts require follow up. 

The Continuous Detection subscription level offers a standard security posture suitable for smaller organizations that have a high-risk tolerance.

Continuous Response

Continuous Response adds advanced endpoint threat detection technology to the service to help accelerate your response with expert analysis from senior intrusion analysts. Analysts also investigate alerts and provide detailed compromise reports for each confirmed threat. 

This subscription level delivers a continuous endpoint monitoring service using malware behavior, rather than signatures, and is ideal for detecting encrypted threats that bypass perimeter controls and detonate on the endpoint. 

Additionally, this subscription level includes hunting down and blocking/quarantining endpoint malware missed by other solutions and helps reduce alert escalations by 95 per cent by first validating breaches on your endpoints before escalating them to you. Furthermore, we help reduce incident response time from days to minutes by finding all other infected machines and the exact location of malicious files on your network. 

The Continuous Response subscription level offers an enhanced security posture suitable for mid-size organizations that have a medium risk tolerance.

Continuous Hunting

With the Continuous Hunting subscription level, our hunting team actively pursues adversaries in your network by deploying our hunting platform that uses behavior analytics and data science modelling techniques to find attackers hiding in remote corners of your network. This involves the proactive, stealthy, and methodical pursuit and eviction of adversaries inside your network without relying on IOCs.

Finally, we complement internal network hunting with external deep and dark web hunting services, gathering the most salient data publicly available on the internet about your organization and providing meaningful, timely, relevant, and actionable insights through a fusion of technology and subject matter expertise.

The Continuous Response subscription level offers an advanced security posture suitable for large organizations that have a low risk tolerance.

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